All the projects, including brands & blogs, I have around the web.

Zymmy OÜ

Zymmy OÜ is a digital marketing firm based in Estonia that myself and my husband, Thomas run together. We have clients of all sizes,…

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Name Noodle

Name Noodle is a blog that helps you name things, from new pets, to characters in fiction you're writing, to party names and other…

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Pun Lovin'

Pun Lovin' is a blog where I compile puns by topic - on every type of topic under the sun. Puns about animals, plants,…

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Potting Plans

Potting Plans is my gardening blog that showcases picture updates of my indoor and outdoor plants, and features plenty of articles on plant care,…

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KittyClysm is a cat blog that concentrates on tips and advice for pet owners, cat facts, and cat stories, as well as featuring reviews…

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More Than Just Surviving

More Than Just Surviving is a survival and preparedness blog that also concentrates heavily on reviews, gear, and knives. It's a joint project that Thomas…

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