Pun Lovin'

Pun Lovin' is a blog where I compile puns by topic - on every type of topic under the sun. Puns about animals, plants, people, places, events, fictional characters, inanimate objects - it's all game.

If a topic strikes my fancy, if I find a couple puns on a particular topic and feel like they're a hoot, or if a theme ends up on my radar due to a comment/suggestion, I go through as many different puns as I can find on the net and compile them all into a single mega-post on the topic.

How on earth did I end up with a blog about puns? Back in the early stages of Potting Plans, my gardening blog, by sheer luck ended up writing a post about cactus puns, a topic I thought would be amusing enough to write about.

Little did I know, I actually found creating this type of post such a riot. I couldn't help making a follow-up post on Potting Plans that compiled a slew of succulent puns. When I started considering writing a third post about aloe vera puns and yet another on any other type of plant that would make a good pun that I could think of, I figured it was time I considered starting up another blog.

I snagged a domain I felt was punny enough ("pun lovin'" is supposed to be a pun on the phrase "fun loving" - not sure if that will ever come through, but I like it even if it doesn't) and sat on it for a short while. Back in March 2020, I started writing posts on Pun Lovin', and never looked back.

There's no two ways about it, I'm probably way too obsessed with puns than most would ever care to admit. I don't think many other people would find it so amusing looking up pun after pun for a single post, let alone enough puns on enough topics to make up a fleshed out blog, but hey. I'll admit to the weirdness.

Puns are a form of wholesome fun I can't help but adore. They brighten my day, and if you're anything like me, take a stab through reading an article or two and see if a gaggle of puns on a random topic will brighten up yours.