Potting Plans

Potting Plans is my gardening blog that showcases picture updates of my indoor and outdoor plants, and features plenty of articles on plant care, propagation techniques, plant arrangement, & all that jazz.

Since I live in Cascais, Portugal, and abhor the idea of watering a garden too often in a week (once is enough!), the vast majority of the articles on Potting Plans revolve around drought tolerant plants - primarily succulents and cacti.

I started Potting Plans in September 2016, when Thomas and I were living in our studio flat in Bournemouth, but struggled with gnats for long enough that I called it quits on all houseplants in such a small indoor space. I picked up gardening again once we moved to our house in Cascais, thus giving Potting Plans a second chance at life.

The purpose of this blog? For the most part - to share the information I would've gathered for myself when researching gardening topics like plant care.

I love starting blogs about hobbies, interests, and general topics (like pet care) I'm want or need to delve into. I feel blogging about these topics helps me dig deeper into specific questions I otherwise would've scratched the surface to learn about - so I can have as insightful an article as possible.

Having a blog up where also allows me to go back and look up research I'd already compiled in case I need to refer back to it later on - which I've done so many times when pet care issues cropped up after having written an article for KittyClysm or My Pet Python.

Obviously, there's a huge additional bonus in being able to help others out in case they stumble across my blogs in a search for more information, and thanks to comments and emails, I'm often able to learn as much from those who come across my blogs as I was able to help them.