Elise Xavier

A little bit about me

I'm a 20-something year old klutz, currently living in Toronto with my eloquent heart-snatcher of a husband, Thomas. We have a cuddly little house cat named Avery, a stray who we'd like to think we saved from a pretty harsh street life (to be honest, he probably would have been fine without us, but we were just too smitten not to take him in).

I currently work on a variety of online projects, the vast majority of which are blogs. As of now, these projects are all completely self-run as joint ventures between myself and Thomas. My primary focus is currently on the development of our survival and preparedness blog, More Than Just Surviving, which Thomas and I co-author, and I photograph for.

Current projects

As I've mentioned, the online ventures I'm currently undertaking are joint projects between myself and my husband, Thomas. Unfortunately, time constraints make it impossible for us to work on absolutely everything we'd like to, and so for the time being, our efforts have been concentrated almost completely on the development and growth of our websites in the survival and preparedness niche.

Needless to say, that means personal projects, like our lifestyle blog Elise & Thomas, have been placed on the back burner for some time. We'll be happily picking up the pace on these projects once we've gotten into a stride with our websites in the survival and preparedness niche.

Without further ado, to view a list of our current projects, take a look below.

Elise and Thomas

Elise and Thomas is a personal blog shared between Thomas and myself. Together, we write and photograph things experienced in our daily lives. Thomas frequently writes about tech on the blog, while I post quite a number of cat photos of Avery ;).

More Than Just Surviving

More Than Just Surviving is a survival and preparedness blog that also concentrates heavily on gear and knives. While this blog was our first website in the survival and preparedness industry, it has been far from our last. We have since branched out quite a bit, having enjoyed writing and connecting with others in this niche.

Survival Pulse

Survival Pulse, started by another individual interested in survival and preparedness, was acquired by us on February 6, 2015. The website is a survival news website updated daily with links from around the web. While we did not create the site ourselves, we are excited about having adopted it under the More Than Just Surviving family of sites, and are glad we can maintain a site we've used and loved in the past.

Survival Shelf

Survival Shelf is our attempt at a heavily curated survival resource site. For Survival Shelf, Thomas and I gather fascinating links related to survival and preparedness from around the web, then publish them to specific categories for easy browsing.

Network with me

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