Elise Xavier

A little bit about me

I'm a 20-something year old klutz, currently living in Bournemouth with my eloquent heart-snatcher of a husband, Thomas. We have a cuddly little house cat named Avery, a stray who we'd like to think we saved from a pretty harsh street life back in Toronto (to be honest, he probably would have been fine without us, but we were just too smitten not to take him in). Brought him with us when we came to Bournemouth early 2016, so now he's a Canadian cat living abroad in the UK!

I currently work on a variety of online projects, the vast majority of which are in the survival industry. As of now, these projects are primarily run as joint ventures between myself and Thomas.

Our primary focus over the past few years has been on the development of our survival and preparedness blog, More Than Just Surviving, which Thomas and I co-author, and I photograph for. More recently, we've been able to turn our attention toward our personal blog, Elise and Thomas, where we've finally been able to begin consistently blogging.

Current & past projects

To view a summary of projects, both past and present, take a look below.

Elise and Thomas

Elise and Thomas is a personal blog shared between Thomas and myself. We cover topics such as home, garden, business, blogging, hobbies, travel, and more. Oh, and I post quite a number of cat photos of Avery ;).


KittyClysm is a cat blog that concentrates on tips and advice for pet owners, as well as reviews on cat products such as food and kibble, cat toys, grooming supplies, kitty litter, cat trees, and more.

Xavier Survival Sites

All the survival and preparedness blogs that Thomas currently and have in the past run together are listed on the Xavier Survival website.

Websites under the Xavier Survival Umbrella/More Than Just Surviving Family of Sites include:

  1. More Than Just Surviving: A survival and preparedness site that also concentrates heavily on reviews, gear, and knives.
  2. Survival Threads: A survival, preparedness, and gear community forum.
  3. Survival Pulse: A survival and preparedness daily email newsletter with the best new survival links and articles from around the web.

Of these websites, we are best known for More Than Just Surviving - our very first site in the survival industry and the springboard from which our passion for growth in the community began. Survival Pulse is the only website that we acquired and did not begin from the ground up ourselves. Survival Threads, our forum, is our most recent project, and yet has been one of the most rewarding for us in that it has become the much-wanted space for in-depth survival discussion that we hoped it would be.

My Pet Python

My Pet Python is an educational site on ball python pet care. I started My Pet Python as a solo project in November 2012, immediately after Thomas and I got our first pet, a ball python which we named Havana. I wrote and photographed for this blog until July of 2013, at which point I retired the blog and began to plan out the beginnings of More Than Just Surviving with Thomas. While I haven't updated the blog in years, I still keep the site up and running, as the information is still relevant today and may prove helpful for those who have questions about their ball pythons.

Network with me

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